Send your car to us. We’ll send it back better.

From our shop in Seattle, WA, we’ve serviced Teslas and other electric vehicles from all over the world. Under special circumstances, we’ve flown out to cars in the continental United States and Hawaii. Contact us and we will work with you to get your car into the right hands.

Our Popular Services

Roadster PEM Repair & Refurbishment

The Power Electronics Module is the brain of every Tesla Roadster. A damaged or worn out component can make the car completely undriveable. Whether it’s a blown fuse or an entire board needing replacement, we know our way around PEMs and can make yours better than new. With our highly refined process, we regularly complete PEMs within a week. Sometimes within a few hours, depending on the level of repair.

Roadster Battery Pack Recovery

The Roadster’s ESS (Energy Storage System) is notorious for “bricking” when it reaches a very low state of charge. If this has happened to you, please contact us immediately. We have tools and methods to revive battery packs in this state, but they are only effective within a narrow window of time. With the rarity of Roadster battery packs, this is a very high priority service for us.

Collision Repair & Restoration

We’re passionate about saving these cars and keeping them on the road. Damaged cars from all over have come to our shop and gone home to happy owners. See some of the cars we’ve saved in Our Work.

Exterior Care & Protection

We install paint protection films and ceramic coatings. Both are excellent options for protecting your car’s exterior finish and keeping it cleaner between washes.

Interior & Audio Upgrades

We offer sound dampening packages to make your quiet car quieter while cruising down the road. Make the silence more enjoyable with our audio upgrades.

General & Preventative Maintenance

For all Tesla models (S/X/3) and brands of EVs. Electronics. Wheels and tires. Brakes. Fluid changes. Service intervals. We’ve got it covered.