Restoring, Repairing, Buying, and Selling Teslas Since 2009.

As early Tesla employees, we traveled worldwide to service them. And now, as a family business based in Seattle, WA. We also fabricate Tesla parts that are obsolete and stock thousands of new and used parts. Owners worldwide regularly send cars to us for collision repair, upgrades, battery repair, and replacement. Contact us today to get your car taken care of.

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Expansion and growth

A couple years ago, we were a word of mouth business servicing Teslas out of our 112th Street shop. Customers included Roadster owners we’d worked

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One of 26, Saved.

Yellow Roadsters are rarest of all the standard production colors. This one was hit from the front and rear, destroying some parts that were difficult,

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Making a house call to repair Dan Markham’s red Roadster.

A fun podcast with Dan Markham, sharing stories from the early days at Tesla and discussing the future.

A look inside our new shop and the cars we work on.

Dan of “What’s Inside?” came by to learn about what we do.

See interviews with us in this CNBC documentary.

The CNBC segment that put us in the public eye.

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