We’ve Been Rebuilding, Repairing, Buying, Selling Teslas and Parts Since 2009

As early Tesla employees, and now as a family business based in Seattle, WA. We know these cars. They are regularly seen arriving at and leaving our shop. With every car, our goals are simple. Make it better than new and send it home to be enjoyed by its owner. In as little time as possible. Contact us today to get your car taken care of.

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He’s very honest. Straightforward. I like people who love what they’re doing. And that’s Carl to a tee.

David Vaskevitch (Former CTO, Microsoft)

This car is handbuilt. There’s no assembly line. There was a big pile of parts. There’s a bunch of dudes, and they put it together. And he’s one of them. So why wouldn’t you want that guy working on your car?

James Whitaker (Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft)

Our Recent Work

  • One of 26, Saved.

    Yellow Roadsters are rarest of all the standard production colors. This one was hit from the front and rear, destroying some parts that were difficult, if not impossible to come by. Most notably the armature at the front of the car, to which the hood and headlights are mounted. We created a new armature from scratch out of 12K structural carbon fiber. Other parts were replaced with stock from our own inventory. Clear carbon fiber parts that we produce also found their way onto this car. We’ve built our reputation on fixing them right and delivering them better than new. This car was no exception.

Latest News

  • Clear Carbon Fiber Parts. Made and Sold Here.

    We go way back with Tesla Roadsters and clear carbon fiber parts. While working for Tesla during the Roadster era, we commissioned these premium parts and made them available to customers seeking the best for their vehicles. Shortly after we left, Tesla discontinued production and quickly sold out of its inventory. Over the years, we’ve made one off parts on demand as an independent shop. Now in 2020, we’re proud to offer these parts for sale here on our website. Our parts are produced with the finest carbon fiber fabrics and epoxy resins. For durability and added aesthetic appeal, they’re finished with 2K automotive clear coat. We’re just getting started and plan to make more parts available over time. You will soon see every original exterior and interior carbon fiber part offered, and more. Order yours today and check back as we add more.


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