About Us

Your car will leave our shop in better shape than it arrived. Every single one has.

For over 10 years, Tesla and other EV owners have trusted Medlock & Sons with the maintenance and repair of their beloved vehicles. We were early employees of Tesla, and our shop was used by them before their first Seattle service center opened. You might say that we know a few things about these cars.

Original Tesla Roadsters are a common sight in and outside of our shop. We will do it all, from changing wiper blades to restoring crashed cars that Tesla won’t touch. We will refurbish your car’s electronic parts. If your car needs a replacement body part that is unobtainable, we will make it.

Earning your business is not enough. Keeping it is what matters to us. We enjoy long term relationships with our customers who recognize our passion for keeping these cars on the road. We also recognize that without them, we do not exist.