Our Work

  • One of 26, Saved.
    Yellow Roadsters are rarest of all the standard production colors. This one was hit from the front and rear, destroying some parts that were difficult, if not impossible to come by. Most notably the armature at the front of the car, to which the hood and headlights are mounted. We created a new armature from scratch out of 12K structural […]
  • Our Latest Salvage Car Hit a Telephone Pole at 75mph.
    We routinely collect salvage Roadsters for parts to add to our inventory. According to the last measured reading on its Vehicle Display System (VDS), this car hit a telephone pole at 75mph. Both occupants survived. One refused medical treatment. We’re continually amazed by the engineering that went into these cars, providing safety in such a small package. This one came […]
  • Sent to us after a rollover. Sent home after a thorough makeover.
    With their low center of gravity, you don’t typically hear of Tesla Roadsters in rollover accidents. Roadster #912 was sent to us from North Carolina after a car transporter it was in suffered a rollover. The vehicle’s composite body sustained some damage, in addition to deep scuffs in its paint. We repaired the affected panels, gave it a fresh paint […]